Key Elements of BOCW Act 1996

BOCW Act 1996
It’s an Act
  • to regulate the employment and working circumstances of building and other construction workers
  • to provide for their safety, health, and welfare measures
  • to provide for other things associated with or incidental to the foregoing.
The Act’s Applicability
  • It covers the entire country of India.
  • It will be assumed to have entered into force on March 1, 1996.
  • It applies to every establishment that employs or had employed ten or more building workers in any building or other construction work on any day in the preceding twelve months.


BOCW Act 1996 is the most important act, that everyone whoever associated to construction sector must know it details.

Construction Workers: In accordance to the Act, a construction worker is any anyone who works either directly or indirectly on a building or other construction project.
Registration of Establishments: Construction industry employers must register their establishments with the relevant government agencies. The Act’s terms are guaranteed to be followed thanks to this registration.

Welfare Measures: The Act requires that construction sites provide drinking water, first aid supplies, and sanitary facilities, among other welfare measures, for its personnel.

Safety Measures: It requires businesses to make sure that construction workers are safe at work. This include supplying safety gear, protective gear, and following the required safety steps to avoid mishaps.

Health Measures: Construction workers must have access to regular medical examinations as well as health check-ups and medical facilities provided by their employers.

Annual Returns and Records: It is required of employers to keep registers and records pertaining to construction workers’ employment, pay, accidents, and other pertinent data. Additionally, they must submit yearly reports to the relevant authorities.

Welfare Boards: The Act calls for the creation of state-level Welfare Boards to supervise the execution of programs and policies designed to assist construction workers.

Registration of Workers: In order to get the advantages granted by the Act, construction workers must register with the relevant authorities.

Welfare Scheme: The Act gives the government the authority to create and carry out a range of welfare programs, such as social security, education, and skill development initiatives, for the benefit of construction workers and their families.

Penalties: The Act stipulates fines and jail time as punishments for employers that violate its terms.

Advisory Committees: It stipulates the creation of committees for consultation to advise the government on issues concerning the welfare of construction workers and the application of the Act.