Cyrus Mistry death

Cyrus Mistry Death : prima facie, it appears to be an accident caused by uncontrolled overspeeding.

Cyrus Mistry Death, the former chairman of Tata Group, died in an automobile accident on Sunday afternoon after the Mercedes vehicle in which he was travelling collided with a tree in Palghar. District and police officials stated that the situation is being treated as an accident for the time being, but that they will examine what caused the mishap. 
Darius Pandole, his wife Anahita, and Darius’s brother Jehangir were travelling with Cyrus Mistry. Pandole was an independent director of the Tata Group. He had voted against a resolution proposed by promoter Tata Sons to remove Mistry as chairman of the company. Anahita works as a gynaecologist at Mumbai’s Breach Candy hospital. GEF
According to the authorities, Mistry chose to accompany the Pandoles on their way back to Mumbai from the Udvada Parsi fire temple in Valsad, Gujarat. Anahita was driving the automobile belonging to the Pandoles. The accident happened around 3.15 p.m.
The Mercedes collided with a small flyover built near the Suyra river, killing Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Pandole on the scene, according to Palghar district collector Govind Bodke. “Anahita Pundole’s automobile sped across the parapet (side wall of the flyover) bridge near the Surya River.” The Charoti toll naka was just two minutes away, thus assistance was quickly dispatched; nonetheless, the two (Cyrus and Jehangir) were declared dead at the Kasa government hospital. According to initial reports, the two perished on the spot. Global EHS Forum

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