Introduction to Global EHS Forum

Global EHS Forum is a Social Welfare movement with support of IEQSH Council, which is mode for charity purpose only inline to theme of “National Safety Council“. 

The primary goal of Global EHS Forum is promotion of knowledge related to Safety, Health & Environment.


Mission and Vision of Global EHS Forum

– To unite all EHS Professionals under a single banner to exchange knowledge related to EHSF. And engage volunteers in research of key issues related to same for finding solution. So that Workplace all over the world can be made fearless. 
Also to engage the volunteers in the following social activities to deliver the social responsibility which we carry as a Human being.
– To conduct deep research on betterment of Engineering Quality, all sort of accident prevention, protection of Environment, prevention of occupational Health diseases and establish innovative methods/ standards for the same purpose. 
To arrange various Training programs with relate to Environment, Engineering quality, Fire, Safety ; Health for creating awareness among general public.
– Encourage people to provide education charging nominal cost or free, to poor and candidates who can’t afford.
– Print and publish books, pamphlets, leaflets, magazines, periodicals, journals etc. on the activities, development and other common issues pertaining the objects and distribute them charging nominal cost/ free or at cost to public.
– Undertake programs to protect the environment and to make use of the non-conventional energy resources to profess sustainable development
– Collect and exchange scientific or analytical evidences of various incidents to find out the root cause.
– Exchange information related to vacancies of Safety, Health & Environment.
– Promote Indian ancient culture for enhancing moral education within people, motivate. 
And involve youth to identify and help to eradicate social evils like Dowry, Bonded Labor, Low Wages, Untouchability, Alcoholism, Illiteracy etc.
– Collect donations for Providing monetary help; support to the poor and Providing help to the people affected by men made or natural disasters like calamities, flood,fire, cyclone, draught, earthquake, epidemic, accident etc. 
And to provide subscription to Prime Minister / Chief Minister / Army relief funds and those institutions or organizations or persons, who help in these work.
– Work on promotion of well being in Biodiversity, conserve cattle and other helpful animals.
– Create awareness among public for preservation of forest and all kind of animals and stop violence against animals, profess. 
And undertake sustainable Agriculture development activities involving Organic farming methods and specially help small and marginal farmers.
– Promote importance of alternative herbal Medicines and nutritional substitutes.
– Develop, defend public justice and solve problems of the oppressed.

And to safeguard and protect the Fundamental rights guaranteed to all Indian citizens in the Constitution of India. 

To arrange Blood Donation Camp & other heath camps for charitable purpose.
– Create awareness among people for Blood Donation in regular interval of time and to be committed Eye donation after death.
Next Steps…
If you are interested to be a Partner, Learner or patron, then please read about us & join us.